Can CBD Help With Joint And Skin Problems For Dogs?

Watching your dog pacing, itching, or groaning can be a discomforting experience for pet parents.

It gets even more frustrating when there seems to be no safe and effective solution to your dogs condition. If you can relate, read on.

This article discusses, indeptly, a more natural and high-potent alternative to the truckloads of chemical-packed veterinary prescriptions on the market – CBD salves.

Before we discuss CBD for joint pain and skin problems, first things first.

What is CBD?

BD is short for cannabidiol – one among over a hundred cannabinoids found in the ancient cannabis plant.

CBD is thought to interact with the brain’s receptors to regulate certain body functions, including, appetite, sleep, pain etc.

Since humans and animals have similar endocannabinoid systems, CBD is thought to offer alike benefits to both man and mammals.

Now, let’s cut to the chase…

CBD Salves For Joint Pain

Ever experienced pain in your joint? Now, pause for a sec… imagine your dog in the same condition but unable to express itself.

Horrible right? Well, that’s what it is for your little furry friend – horrible!

Joint inflammation can remarkably decrease your pooch’s life quality. Injury in the joint, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and simply age can affect your dog’s movement, significantly.

And watching your once-agile dog become helplessly docile can be disheartening – Indeed.
And, such conditions result in poor sleep routine.

Although there are countless pain-relief veterinary prescriptions, too often, these applications leave too much to be desired. While many are overhyped, others bring even more health concerns.

Thankfully, research suggests CBD as a high-potent alternative for pain and inflammation in canines.
A 6 rat-based study says CBD – when administered topically – may significantly alleviate joint inflammation and pain effects.

Again, a 2017 research says CBD may reduce arthritis-related pains. The study shows the compound may avert nerve damage caused by likely aggravation of the disease.

Besides, a recent Arthritis Foundation Publication gives a useful guide on CBD’s preference as an ideal natural alternative for inflammation and pains related to arthritis.

CBD Salves For Skin Problems

Wondering why your dog always itches? Or, perhaps you noticed your dog has flakes or skin patches?

Don’t panic. Perhaps, it’s no big deal. A simple vet prescription could handle it.

While some skin dryness and itching are short lived – even without any medical applications – others can have a severe undertone that demands urgent expert vet intervention.

Autoimmune diseases such as bacterial infections, tick-borne diseases, and parasites are common examples of such severe skin conditions that may require a professional prescription.

Food allergy, tick/flea bite reaction, chemical allergy, and poor nutrition are other likely causes of skin problems in pets.

That said, the first step to treat skin concerns in your furry friend is identifying the causative factors. Remember – Wrong treatments may cause even worse health conditions for your dog.

However, CBD salves have proven effective for a range of pet skin concerns.

This more-natural solution is a highly potent way to handle inflammation – the root cause of your dog’s itching – and, the same time, supply adequate moisture for higher immunity, improving general skin texture.

Noteworthily, this dog-based study suggests that CBD binds with your dog’s endocannabinoid System to optimize skin health.

While more research is needed to substantiate these clinical trials, existing reports, backed by common users review, says a lot.

Oral CBD Vs. CBD Salves For Your Dog

It can be somewhat tricky to tell when to prefer topical applications over oral administrations for your dog – particularly among newbies.

Of course, topical is not always your best bet.

For instance, a topical prescription is laughable for a dog with anxiety or epilepsy. Rather, oral dosages would suit best.

Prefer oral prescriptions for cases relating to sleep, appetite, digestion, anxiety etc., since they get into your dog’s bloodstream.

Here are typical cases where you may prefer topical applications:

  • When you need to target specific areas on your dog’s body. For instance, an inflamed joint or a problem skin area
  • Where drugs do not need to go through the digestive systems but instead needs to be absolved in a particular area.
  • Where doses may interact negatively with other oral prescriptions
  • For instant relief from itchiness, inflammation, and pain as deemed required.
  • Where skin needs moisturizer and soothing relief,
  • If you wish to avoid the common side effects of oral prescriptions – particularly for inflammation and pain – including corticosteroids, Opioids and NSAIDs

How Do I Use CBD Salves Effectively For My Dog?

  • To begin, wash the target area with a pet-recommended soap solution. This helps remove excess oil build-up or dirt on your dog skin, evacuating any barrier between the skin and the salve.
  • For an adult dog, apply the salve discretionary and massage the affected spot generously, until it the skin absorbs content,
  • You may cover target areas with bandages or garments to ensure the balm doesn’t rub off
  • Do well to monitor the area for redness, rashes knocks, irritation, soreness or related reactions.
  • You may experience relief in your dog from anywhere between an hour to, say, two days after application. The effect is, however, widely depends on dosage, the severity of the condition and usage frequency.

A Wrap Up

Does your dog suffer from joint pain, skin allergies, hot spots, skin dryness and other skin problems?

CBD may be the solution!