Dog Beds: Why They Are Important

A good quality dog bed is priceless. They provide insulation, personal space, support, shed and dander control, injury prevention, and protection.

Insulation is critical in protecting your dog from the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter by providing similar insulation as does a house. Good examples of beds to provide insulation include the All Season Snuggly Sleeper Dog Bed and Orthopedic Heated Dog Bed.

Some dogs have hip dysplasia, joint issues and bone problems so support and cushioning is necessary. Beds like the Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress and SSS Orthocare Orthopedic Dog Bed were designed to take the weight off of sore joints, bones, etc. in dogs ailing from joint issues caused by weight, age, or other health problems.

Nobody wants a layer of dog hair on their bed or couch. A dog bed will help provide allergy and dog cleanup relief because it localizes that dog hair to his/her bed which can be more easily cleaned. Try Pipe Dreams Pet Bed and any Indoor/Outdoor beds for this purpose because they are easy to clean!

Furniture hazards like the dog jumping off the couch make it necessary to invest in a dog bed to reduce the chances of injury. Speaking of protection, a nice warm dog bed will make your outdoor dog feel much more comfortable and safe from the elements. Indoor/Outdoor beds are strong, durable, and water repellant. They are even easier to clean to get rid of mold, fungus, and other hazards that may harm your dog.

Choosing the Perfect Bed

There is no “one-fit-all” dog bed. Rather, they each have their own purposes and flaws.

Mats, one of the most popular dog beds, are great for dogs on the go. They provide protection from hard floors and the bottoms of crates. Mats aid in preventing damage to beds and furniture They are also very easy to clean to prevent allergies and control parasites.

Hammock-type beds are convenient beds without much padding but they are easy to clean and care for. They are usually made of some type of sturdy material suspended on a metal, wood, or PVC framework. They get your dog off the cold hard floor and are plenty durable to last for years.

Loose-fill beds are a great, cheap option. The most common filling is polyester fiber, but other ones include cotton batting, beads, and shredded cedar. This bed must be washed though and the filler should be checked and refilled if deflating. The fillers do bunch up or break down over time.

There are many types of dog beds out there; it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you and your dog!

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