The Best Large Dog Beds For Your Weimaraner

It’s time for the fur kids to lay down, but are they resting their haunches on the plushest dibs you can provide? Now’s not the time to skimp on them. Every gorgeous weimaraner needs a great place to rest their paws. Therefore, are you looking at the best large dog beds for your Weimaraner today?

What Should I be Looking For?

Small and large breed dogs are like two totally different creatures; each needs to be treated in different ways. Before deciding on a bed that works best for your large dog, it may be a good idea to make a list of priorities. What does your dog truly need? What do they actually want? Why a quality bed is important? Typically, the top three non-negotiables are:

Durability: Big dogs can mess things up…quick. You should be looking for a bed that can withstand the test of time. The more playful your pup, the quicker things will get ruined. It’s just a fact. An indestructible dog bed does not exist.

Size: This is critical to keeping your dog comfortable. There is no point in buying a bed at all if it’s too small or poor-fitting for your dog.

Convenience: Big dogs can smell strongly, so you want to get a bed that can be easily washed and cleaned. If you cannot remove a cover to get rid of the smell, what is the point of keeping this item in your house?

Once you’ve found a large dog bed that meets these standards, it’s time to consider a few brands. Here are some ideas to keep those doggies happy year-round and out of your own bed for 5-minutes:

BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper

Much more affordable than many on the list, the $70 sleeper is ideal for older big dogs that may start to have hip and joint issues. Offering robust support, the sleeper measures 40 x 30 inches and is a full ten-inches high. Made with soft polyester and a quilted design, your baby is sure to sleep soundly in this luxury mattress.

BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Large Dog Bed

The sleeper also features a cotton-padded rim that lines the inside of the bed which is made to contour your Weimaraner’s neck. It also comes with a built-in rubber packing so your dog will never be surfing across wooden floors.

The Big Barker Orthopedic Bed

Made from high-quality materials and available in three sizes, the Big Barker is easily washable for the dirtiest of deeds. It’s completely made for comfort and a full seven-inches thick, so your pup will always be shrouded in comfort. (lucky dog).

The Big Barker Large Orthopedic Dog Beds

And because dogs easily ruin beds? It comes with a 10-year warranty which guarantees your foam will retain the shape and loft for a decade. As someone whose Weimaraner destroys things in seconds, this is totally a good deal. Big enough for the entire family!

Amarkat With Waterproof Lining

If your pup is accident prone, this may be the best selection for your Weimaraner. This bed meets all the basics in terms of durability and convenience. It’s not something that is hard to keep clean. Since it doesn’t offer orthopedic support, it may be best suited for younger pups that are larger in stature.

Amarkat is known for their industry recognized products and thus you can be rest assured the manufacturing on this bed is pristine. The following are just a few stand-out features of this durable dog bed:

  • Machine washable
  • Zipper closure
  • Extra thick stuffing
  • Super-plush cover
  • Holds shape well

The comfort offered by this bed is comparable to others on this list, but it always comes down to the individual needs of your animal.

FurHaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa Dog Beds

If you wanted to buy your dog a couch (or mini chaise lounge) this would be the adorable option. Literally in the shape of living room furniture, this bed also serves up orthopedic benefits for the pups with aching bones and joints. 5-inches thick and stuffed to the brim with memory foam, this may be one of your pricier options. (available in jumbo sizes).

FurHaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Large Sofa Dog Beds

The luxuriously soft faux-fur cover also boasts an anti-skid base which is great news for large (and sometimes clumsy) Weimaraners. The cover is removable and easy to tumble dry, with high-quality and workable fabric.

One of the best gifts you can give your dog is comfort. Modern business is super busy. We don’t always have the most time we want to spend with family members; including your precious animals.

Doing the research and deciding on a bed that can give your dog the ultimate comfort, is just another way to say, “I love you.” If your pet is older, considering an orthopedic option seems wise. The number one requirement is that it fits the size of your best friend, is comfortable, and easily washable. The rest of the time can be spent just hanging out and watching Animal Planet.

FurHaven Deluxe Ultra Plush Mattress With Cooling Gel Technology

Pamper your weimaraner with the FurHaven Deluxe Ultra Plush Mattress! Featuring a sleep surface that is thick and enviously fluffy, your furry friend will absolutely love curling up and burrowing into the luxuriously softness of this pet bed. The suede sides are gusseted for additional height, providing high-loft support and a sense of sturdy comfort for dozing pets. The laminated gel top helps whisk heat away to keep your pet feeling cool, while its memory foam infused properties works to effortlessly shape to your pet’s unique figure to better assist aching joints and muscles. Inviting in both design and appearance, your best friend will have no problem catching some winks on this irresistibly cozy mattress! The zippered cover makes washing very easy. Available in many sizes and colors!

Pamper your weimaraner with the FurHaven Deluxe Ultra Plush Mattress!

The gel foam contains micro-gel beads that reduces heat by about one to two degrees – keeping your pet comfortably cool during warm summer months – while its memory foam properties assist in providing therapeutic support for joints and pressure points.