Weim Crimes Make Life Miserable, Also Hilarious – Here’s Proof

There are many breeds of dogs in this world. However, one of the most notorious for their ability to get into things is the beloved Weimaraner. With not only that one of a kind adorable face, they are not only marvelous to look at, but they are too hard to get mad at when they pull one of their infamous stunts.

As we jokingly refer to as “Weim Crimes,” the breed is known for some of the most hilarious antics in the world. From breaking things to destroying the whole house, these amazing dogs are known for their pesky predicaments.

Take a look below of some of our most famous “Weim Crimes” that were caught on camera! They’ll be sure to bring a smile to your face just like your dog does!

Funny Weimaraner Video Compilation!