Puppy Proofing 101 – A Few Basic Tips To Keep Your Puppy Safe

So you have your new puppy, his/her dog bowl, bed, toys, and all the food he/she can eat… now what? Puppy proofing time!

Puppies will get into anything and everything and leave you pulling out your hair in frustration. If you’ve already come home to torn toilet paper streaming the floors and furniture or dog food spread like sprinkles all over the kitchen floor, then you know what I’m talking about! Puppies have to learn the boundaries or their owners will face the consequences. Furthermore, it can be a hazard to your puppy to have sharp objects or dangerous house-cleaning chemicals lying around where your puppy can reach them!

Some key points to puppy proofing:


It is critical to make your new puppy feel comfortable and safe in your home, as well as you, who would like to know that he/she can’t just waltz outside through a window or door. Avoid the insecurity by making sure that all the entrances and exits are securely closed. Rather, make sure to have a good pet door of the right size placed in the door to the yard. Secure it shut when not in use!

Bye-Bye Poisons

Dogs will get into everything you don’t want them to get into. This includes dangerous foods, medications, dietary supplements, antibiotics, poisonous plants, and house-cleaning substances. Chocolate and onions should be out of range and all cabinets should be latched. Keep the poisonous plants up and out of the way.

Other Places

It’s no secret that the garbage is a place of festering fun for dogs of all ages. Don’t let the dog get into it and teach him/her not to touch it. Same with the toilet bowl which often serves as refreshing cold water on warm summer days. Keep the lid closed and don’t use any sanitizing flush products just in case he/she gets into the toilet water.

If you have cats, dogs love the litter boxes. They will make a mess of it so keep it away.

In the kitchen, make sure the knives and other sharp kitchen instruments are out of reach and secured. Similarly, string and small objects should be hidden because curious pups will swallow them and along with this comes a whole host of health problems. Rather, give him/her some safe dog toys!

In the bedroom, keep lotions, medicine, or cosmetics out of reach. Electrical wires should be covered and made inaccessible because dogs love to chew wires. For the sake of you and all your nice clothes, please, make sure to keep your shoes and laundry out of reach. It would hurt to see your expensive Calvin Klein jacket torn to shreds or your Chuck Taylor’s laced with dog bites.

In the yard, hazards run rampant. Start by making sure Fido cannot get through any holes in the gate to the yard or the fence. If you are an avid gardener, make sure your prize-winning flowers aren’t within reach of your dog who loves to dig holes and hide his/her bones. Open water, such as a pool or spa, should also be out of reach. The best bet is to keep your dog in a large, clean dog house in a fenced area.

Dog proofing doesn’t have to be difficult although it must be done. No dog owner successfully raises their puppy with a home full of imminent dangers! Put away that toilet tissue, hide the chocolate, and make sure the sharp objects are out of reach.